Bocker - Backup and Restore in Docker

I wrote a tool that puts a backup into a Docker image and stores it on a private repo in Docker Hub.

Drafts? Drafts!

Store unfinished entries as drafts!

Gobbledygook - Jargon explained

I built a services to explain tech jargon

How To Work Remotely

This post explains the adjustments that were needed to the way we work in the SRE Team at Ricardo when we went fully remote.

Lessons in Ops and SRE

How traveling the Americas shaped my views of Ops, SRE & the World.

PromLens Helm Chart

Constructing proper PromQL queries for you data is hard. One tool that helps a lot to understand the data that is available and to construct queries is PromLens. If you don’t know PromLens yet, I suggest to read this blog post. A few days ago we open-sourced the Helm Chart we use at Ricardo to deploy PromLens and we’ve made it available on Artifacthub. I hope this Chart will be as useful to you as it is to us.

SREcon 21

My recommended talks of SREcon 21 and of course also mine!

Why Rails is Awesome

Volunteering at iOverlander made me realize what a productivity enabler Rails is.